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Franklin, WI

Franklin is a beautiful place, with so many green spaces, natural areas, and playgrounds, it is a place we visit often. And, we want to visit it more to help clean your vents and ducts.

Based in Milwaukee, we service Milwaukee and the surrounding area. It does not matter if you have a house, commercial property, or business, we have the experience, professionals, and equipment to clean all of your ducts.

Working as an air duct cleaning company for years has allowed us to build a level of trust with our customers. For all of your air duct cleaning needs, give us a call.

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Is Air Duct Cleaning Necessary?

Air duct cleaning is a necessity that we often forget about. With years of experience, we recommend that you set up a regular cleaning schedule that will benefit you, your family, employees, or customers.

Clean air ducts mean a clean property, and that adds to the safety and comfort of those within. When you have your ducts professionally cleaned, you are thinking about the wellbeing of the people around you. It doesn’t hurt that it can save you some money too. If you own a large business, this can mean hundreds of dollars added to your bottom line.

Having your ducts cleaned means cleaner and fresher air circulating, and a more consistent airflow in your building. Ultimately, the cleaner air is better for everyone and everything, including the lifespan of your HVAC system.

Our Services

Air Duct Cleaning

We are your go-to professionals for all of your air duct cleaning needs. We have spent countless years cleaning air ducts and servicing systems, and that has helped to increase our knowledge base, constantly improving our service.

When you call us, you get an air duct cleaning company that actually knows what it is doing. Our technicians are specialized in air duct cleaning, and we have the equipment to handle the biggest jobs. Of course, there is no job too small either.

From start to finish, we know how to deal with every component if your system, can spot problems before they become problems, saving you money along the line. For the professionals that you can trust, call us now.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Years of cleaning air ducts have also given us the opportunity to clean dryer vents too. We have worked on countless small jobs in homes, along with the big commercial jobs. We know how to efficiently access the vents, clean them thoroughly, and be out of your property so that you can get back to enjoying your life (and drying your clothes).

We know that cleaning dryer vents can be a hassle, especially in the cramped spaces that dryers often occupy, but we find certain enjoyment in the act of solving dryer vent cleaning problems, letting you sit back and relax.

For professional cleaning, call us, and let us make your dryer vents as safe as possible.

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Benefits Of Air Duct Cleaning

Reduced Bills

When your vents are not clean, this inhibits the flow of air around your property. When this happens, your HVAC system has to work harder to push the air, and will draw more power. It does not matter if you own a home or a business, reduced bills are always a good thing.

Drawing more power means a more expensive utility bill for you. If you can do something to reduce that bill, it can only be beneficial, and a professional air duct cleaning is an investment that pays you dividends.

You can trust us with that investment. When you call us, you can take advantage of competitive pricing, and save money on your bills and the service.


No one likes inconsistency in life. This is especially important with some things, and your comfort is one of them. With dirty ducts, you can lose some of your comfort through inconsistency.

As ducts accumulate dirt and dust, the airflow through the ducts is inhibited. This means that air can flow through some ducts a lot easier than it can flow through others. When this happens, you have more hot air going to some rooms, and not enough going to others (in the hotter months, the same is true of your air-con).

We can help you to solve this. When you have us professionally clean your ducts, you allow the air to flow consistently through your ducts, bringing air equally to all rooms.

Less Maintenance

Your HVAC system is built to last, but there is only so long that anything will last. When we come to clean your air ducts, we can take a look at the system too, but just by cleaning the ducts, you are prolonging the life of your HVAC.

When air ducts become blocked, your HVAC system has to work harder to circulate the air. As with everything, the harder it has to work and the more stress it is put under, the more strain is put on the system. More strain means more will go wrong, and you will have to replace the system sooner.

Air duct cleaning is a long-term investment in your HVAC system.

Clean Air

Have you ever been outside when a big truck has driven past or a dust cloud has settled? You wouldn’t stand there and breathe it in, would you? When your air ducts are not cleaned, that is exactly what you are doing from the comfort of your own home.

Ducts slowly accumulate dust, dirt, debris, pollutants, allergens, and more. As they sit in the ducts, some are picked up and circulated around your home. When that happens, you are constantly breathing air that is contaminated. You don’t settle for that outdoors, so why do you settle for it in your home?

We are a trusted air duct cleaning company that can help to make that air clean.

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